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#scofflaws Stickers

  • #scofflaws Stickers

#scofflaws Stickers

Scofflaw is a Prohibition era word that meant "person who drinks illegally". More recently it has come to mean someone who flouts the law, particularly one that is hard to enforce.

Once upon a time, it's true that riders on the Shore were, by definition, #scofflaws. However, thanks to cooler heads and the victory of logic over NIMBYism, mountain biking is not only legitimate on the North Shore, it is a big part of the reason why so many people love it here.

5.5" / 14 cms wide, 1" / 2.8 cms high.
Die cut vinyl, in Black or White.
Perfect for your bike, car, helmet, etc.
Available in black or white.

$4 CAD each includes shipping around the world.

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